ASTERISK CytoCell Kneebrace-Protection-System

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With the all new Cyto Cell, Asterisk offers superior protection at a price that is easy on the wallet.
This sleek and slim new brace features a fiberglass tibial plateau-capturning frame design, 
sleek adjustable compression control cuffs, a natural free-motion, rolling-glding hinge, simple
and stress-free fastening, and a fused patella cup system.
Undersleeves and tethers can be added separantely.

-Anatomically correct design
-Fiberglass epoxy Matrix
-Semi-riged and lightweight, impact distributing structure
-Tracks the natural “rolling-gliding” motion of the knee joint
-Asymmetrical design allows each hinge to set properly
-Allows for automatic tibia alignment of lower frame
-Adjustable ext. regulator from 0º to 30º
-Condyle shims for fine tuning fit
-Adjustable Compression Control
-Adjustable semi-right lateral support
-Adjuster cap
-Non-Slip Sharkskin padding
-Adjustable nylon impact for Anti-Rotation connection

-Links the brace to the boot, making them as one
-Transfers forces of a lower leg rotation
-Adjustable to suit each individual
-Standard adjustable strappingt
-Lower and main patella fused design
-Easily removable
-high impact Nylon 6 material
-Hybrid shock absorbent foam pading
-Non-corrosive metals
-Non-corrosive composites
-Hand washable soft materials 


Undersleeve pair not included but can be added separantely



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cm 33,0-35,4 35,5-38,0 38,1-40,3 40,4-42,90

material: Fiberglass epoxy matrix 



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